18 noviembre 2008

One to one
   publicado por TioP

Amazing. My first class with a native teacher. He is from New Zeland and I'm from Navarra, two distant places (the second one better than the first one :). It was also the first time in front of 'one to one' (a person just for me), becouse... I lost my english. I have not practiced it for xxxx years/months/days, and... I apologize in advance.

He told me that I need to accustom my ear, listening and watching english/american tv channels, like CNN, BBC..., movies (with subtitles) and series ('there is not paradise without tits' it's not the best one to learn english, :)

Finally, as you can read, this is my first post in english, with so many mistakes (I'm really sure). Sorry again! (I have no time)

Next thursday, the second class, but it will not the second english post (you would prefer it was in spanish!!!).

Fuck off!